Yv. Delloye

Yv. Delloye Yv. Delloye
In honor of her grandfather, Claire Saint Guilhem created the yv.delloye brand in 2017. He transmitted to her his love for rare stones and the audacity with which each of his creations radiates.

Each piece is made in association with a Parisian jewelry workshop that works daily alongside the houses of Place Vendôme. The creations are entirely made by hand, hence their exclusivity and uniqueness. Each stone is unique and that is why they dictate the development of each ring, each necklace and each bracelet. The finesse and delicacy of each stone is highlighted by the combination of 18 carat gold and diamonds. Each is of natural origin, the colors and sizes vary and make the jewelry irreplaceable.

The box in which the pieces are revealed is entirely handmade by a leather goods maker in Paris with high quality lambskin. Just like the creations of Claire Saint Guilhem, each box has a different color and is the manifestation of what it contains.

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