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Sonia Petroff Sonia Petroff
Sonia Petroff created her eponymous jewelry and accessories brand in the 1960s by settling in Rome in the heart of the Dolce Vita. She made a name for herself working as a jewelry designer for several major fashion houses like Valentino, Balmain and Nina Ricci. She was a woman ahead of her time, independent with a life punctuated by adventure and glamour. She preferred to travel and grow her House rather than start a family. Sonia Petroff was like her creations: strong, sure of herself and feminine. His unique creations are inspired by the colors and shapes of nature that amazed him. Sonia Petroff used gold to draw the contours and glass, crystal, stones to represent the colors. Buckles and belts, the pinnacle of chic in the 60s, 70s, 80s were his specialty. His creations were handmade, in a small Italian workshop that embodies the quality of Made in Italy.

After her death in 2015 and childless, Sonia Petroff bequeaths all of her pieces to her nephew. He and his wife had children and lived in 6 different countries, which reminded him of his own jet-set life.
Maria Leoni-Sceti, businesswoman and wife of Sonia Petroff's nephew discovers the treasures left by Sonia Petroff in her house in Rome. Passionate about the life she had and inspired by her creations, she knew it was time to highlight Sonia Petroff's creations. In 2018, Sonia Petroff Couture Jewelery was launched under the direction of Maria Leoni-Sceti. The collection is inspired by the creations of Sonia Petroff, on the theme of insects, flowers and butterflies, brought up to date for a more modern touch. Maria Leoni-Sceti has reproduced the wide leather or braided silk belts decorated with a buckle adorned with cabonchons, enamels, minerals or crystals. The structured bags are decorated with a lobster, Sonia Petroff's signature, or a parrot adorned with Swarovski diamonds in vibrant colors reminiscent of the designer's life of luxury.

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