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Behind a candle, nearly ten trades collaborate: each partner has therefore been selected for its excellence and its specific know-how.

The pots of the ceramic-designed candles are made in the Alcobaça region of Portugal, in a family business that has been manufacturing ceramics since 1988. Training, casting and eneling workshops: all production is carried out by experts, whose rare know-how makes the success and soul of the house.

The wax is developed and formulated in Spain, in the province of Valencia, it is 100% vegetable. It is part of a new generation of unrefined ecological waks, derived from natural and renewable materials. It is made of soy and coconut, it is completely biodegradable and does not give off oot.
Developed in Grassies, by a couple of nose, Karine Boudot and Emmanuel Philip, the scopes have been the subject of personalized development with raw materials of excellence, in the great tradition of author's scullery.

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