Marie Lichtenberg

Marie Lichtenberg Marie Lichtenberg

After twelve years as a fashion editor at ELLE magazine, Marie Lichtenberg decided to devote herself to her own creations. It offers original jewellery that is passed down from mother to daughter. The combination of exceptional know-how and creativity that give life to a jewel that is as delicate as it is personal, resulting in a French sensitivity to influences from elsewhere.

Today, it relies on the expertise of some of the most renowned workshops on the planet to make its very popular lockets and scapulars. Craftsmen of enamelling, guilloché and chasing, but also cutters and diamond polishers. Masters to create jewellery like no other.

Marie Lichtenberg draws on her intimate history to give birth to objects from modern families, designed in Paris and evocative of more distant lands. Rare, refined and loving jewels.

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